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Welcome to From the Soil, a family farm of amazing cannabis products. From A Bud, Flower Joints, Infused Products, Premium Extracts and Distillates, every product we make is 100% from our plants and natural soil grown process.

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At From the Soil farms, we are always striving to grow marijuana strains that are clean, tasty and with an amazing head high… Our indoor natural soil methods bring the best out from our strains… We love making, right at our farm, other amazing cannabis oil products that are 100% grown and processed on our land… From premium concentrates, to pen friendly distillate cartridges, to now our so popular RSO line… Customers are raging about our pesticide free oil lines…

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Our Products

Our Products

Premium A Bud Flower

Available in gram, eighth, quarter, half ounce and ounce jars

We love growing banging weed... All our A Bud cannabis flower is grown in a "Living Soil", Indoor within our Glass Houses... Super Tasty, Amazing Head High... From popular strains you know and love, to our very own bred crosses... We love growing... And sharing our love in Washington...

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Premium Ceramic Oil Cartridges

Our ceramic oil cartridge offers a premium vaping experience with our advanced ceramic heating element. Its durable design provides consistent heat distribution, preventing burns and preserving the oil's integrity.

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Premium All-In-One Rechargeable Cartridges

We are excited to introduce our top-tier ALL-IN-ONE disposable oil cartridge that delivers convenience, purity, and potency. Its sleek design houses our own high-grade, full-spectrum cannabis oil, rich in cannabinoids and terpenes. The integrated battery ensures consistent heating from the first to the last draw even with a USB-C charging adapter and 300 mAh battery.

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Premium Extract Concentrates - Pesticide Free

Shatter, crumble and budder available in gram glass jars

Magic Time Farms - Premium Oil Concentrates - 100% Our Own Fresh Frozen Flower processed right at the farm • Full Spectrum • Full Terpene • Full Flavor

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Pre-Rolled Joints - Two Joint Doob Tubes

Premium Flower Joints, Only from our Flower Strains

We offer 3/4 gram and 1/2 gram joints in 2 joint doob tubes... Our joints are ONLY from our cannabis flower strains we grow at the farm... So, if you love Pablo Escobar as a flower, we offer that same strain in 2 joint doob tubes...

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8 Pack & 10 Pack "Party" Joint Jars

If you have a favorite strain from FTS... Get a Party Jar!

Our party jars are packed with either 8 or 10 - 3/4 gram joint glass jars... What a great product for parties, gatherings or just to always have your favorite cannabis strain...

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DOUBLE 4 and DOUBLE 5 "Party" Joint Jars

Can't decide which strain to pick ? Not to worry, Pick 2 !!!

Our party jars are only packed, when you pick your favorite joint strains... Maybe you want a DOUBLE Sativa, or DOUBLE Indicia, or even better, 50/50... So the DOUBLE 4 is 8 total joints of two strains... And, the DOUBLE 5 is 10 total joints of two strains... We are always here to please...

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INFUSED Pre-Rolled Joints - 2 Packs & 8 Joint Party Jars

Our Premium Flower Infused with our Premium Oil Concentrates... Wow!!!

A truly INFUSED joint... We infused every grain of your joint with our cannabis oil... Our process is simple, we grind up our flower to a perfect joint material consistency... then take that matching cannabis oil flavor and freeze and blend to a fine powder and toss them together, so every grain is a blend of flower and oil... From the first rip to the last, a truly infused head high... Enjoy...

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Premium RSO - Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil - Pesticide Free

Available in 1 gram syringes - Indica - Sativa - CBD/THC 1 for 1

We grow and process all our cannabis RSO 100% from our strains we grow at the farm and on the farm... Pesticide Free, Full Spectrum Cannabinoids... Pure 100% cannabis RSO in 3 RSP profiles... INDICA • SATIVA • CBD 1 FOR 1

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Premium Pure Distillate Oil Cartridges - Pesticide Free

Available in 1 gram C Cell - 510 thread cartridge

We grow and process all our cannabis distillate 100% from our strains we grow at the farm and on the farm... Pesticide Free, and strain specific in 12 amazing terpene flavors... Pure 100% cannabis distillate...

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Live Resin Oil Cartridges

With a touch as gentle as a summers breeze, From the Soil selects the most vibrant cannabis in making our live resin oil cartridges.

From mature growth to flash freezing, our full spectrum live resin is truly the best full flavor in washington… Pesticide Free… 100% grown and processed at the farms…

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Diamonds Encapsulated in Terp Sauce

Enjoy Diamonds & Terp Sauce, offering a highly potent THC experience.

This product allows you an entourage effect of unique terpene flavors and aromas, blended with our crystalized THC diamonds. As a Washington cannabis consumer this will give you a discreet sensory experience.

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From the Soil is a family-owned cannabis farm in Elma, WA

Our passion is to grow & cultivate cannabis from ONLY our gardens to your products... Growing marijuana is truly a labor of love. From that first little plant to mature blooming flowers takes, many, many months of care. We grow in "Glass Houses" where we blend Mother Nature's light with supplemental light, so your plant receives the full spectrum of light to produce the best terpenes and cannabinoids for our products.