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Hybrid of a Animal Cookies x Joseph is a powerful producer of buds with sugar leaf coated with resin full of body sedation. Animism is a perspective which recognizes everything possesses a soul. When our minds and bodies are activated, we experience life within all things. This herb desires companionship.
We give thanks to Northern California for gifting us the authentic clone. The kush leaning Animal Cookies, with sappy resin rails and dense calyx formations, is one of our favorites. Animism has a kush and asphalt-like aroma with a dash of lime.
The Animism produces heavy resin. Every sugar leaf is coated with living and breathing heads which fuels heavy, full-body sedation. Animism will activate mind and body and make you see and hear the life within all things.

75% Sativa

40% Indica

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Product Description

THC & CBD breakdown with LCB Microbial State Testing Results
We hope you enjoy our natural soil growing methods

Cannabinoid Results
As of 5.8.16 testing:

Available THC: 22.0
Available CBD: 0.16
Available CBG: 0.65
Available Active Cannabinoid: 22.9

Microbial Results
as of 5.8.16 testing:

Test 1: Aerobic Bacteria
Limit to pass: 100,000
Our results: 40
Test 2: Yeast/Mold
Limit to pass: 10,000
Our results: 10
Test 3: Coliform Bacteria
Limit to pass: 1,000
Our results: 0
Test 4: Bile T. Negative Bacteria
Limit to pass: 1,000
Our results: 0


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