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Blue Dot Dawg, a strain only available at From the Soil, is a cross between Blue Dot, a sativa-dominant strain originally bred in Sonoma, California by a medical patient, and our own Chem Dawg. Blue Dot Dawg is a genetic blend of Leda Uno, Northern Lights, Haze and Chem Dawg. Its resinous buds offer a sweet hashy flavor profile and can be expected to finish flowering in 9 to 10 weeks, but trust us, it’s worth the wait for this amazing genetic strain. You can expect to have a very cerebral experience, coupled with a strong, heavy-bodied feeling.

80% Sativa

20% Indica

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Product Description

THC & CBD breakdown with LCB Microbial State Testing Results
We hope you enjoy our natural soil growing methods

Cannabinoid Results
As of 5.8.16 testing:

Available THC: 27.4
Available CBD: 0.17
Available CBG: 0.47
Available Active Cannabinoid: 28.1

Microbial Results
as of 5.8.16 testing:

Test 1: Aerobic Bacteria
Limit to pass: 100,000
Our results: 40
Test 2: Yeast/Mold
Limit to pass: 10,000
Our results: 10
Test 3: Coliform Bacteria
Limit to pass: 1,000
Our results: 0
Test 4: Bile T. Negative Bacteria
Limit to pass: 1,000
Our results: 0


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