Sativa Mix live resin

Grams available now for your store: 2500

Available in Shatter, Crumble & Live Resin | View Shatter & Crumble

At From the Soil, concentrate extracting is very special to us. We have tasted, tried and testing all extracted blends and are proud to share our unique cannabis concentrates.

All cannabis is 100% grown on our farm
with our natural soil growing methods

We never buy cannabis from any other grower, we believe this is best for consistent concentrates for your store.

Sativa Mix premium concentrate is a blend of flower and sugar leaves from our own cannabis genetics, Peach Dream, Donna, Cosmic Temple Haze, Mobb Boss, Bleeding Goat, Moonshine Ghost Train Haze, A+ Wonder, Super Silver Haze x NLH and Brazilian Amazonia.

Product Description

THC & CBD breakdown with LCB Microbial State Testing Results
We hope you enjoy our natural soil growing methods

Cannabinoid Results as of 5.8.16 testing:

Available THC: 87.1
Available CBG: 4.4
Available CBD: 0.3
Available Active Cannabinoid: 93.9

Microbial Test Results as of 6.14.16

Test 1: Aerobic Bacteria Our Results: PASS
Test 2: Yeast/Mold Our Results: PASS
Test 3: Coliform Bacteria Our Results: PASS
Test 4: Bile T. Negative Bacteria Our Results: PASS
Residual Solvents – 500 to Pass Our Results: 8.4


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